You can find me on the VENICE boardwalk near the corner of MAIN

every Saturday and Sunday except when the weather is bad


This 30 x40 new original oil painting celebrates the Chinese New Year of the Water dragon - every 60 years it comes around - the last time was 1952 the year I was born.

                             It will be an especially good year for creativity and new buisnesses
                        Please join me at the downtown Art walk this Thursday Jan 12th from 6 till 12 midnight
                                    at my METAMOPHOSIS GALLERY in  the " MEDALLION" courtyard

                                                         334  south Main street near 4th


successful show at


on the corner of Fourth and Main Streets

from 6:00 pm till 2 Am 

Thrusday March 10










HERE IS A NEW PAINTING a 24 x39 oil painting  "


I have finally finished "THE TREE OF LIFE " painting - prints will be available



                                                 " FAITH"